Mast Coat Stand

Citta Design


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Steer your domestic vessel into tidier waters with the Mast Coat Stand in American oak. Its six sturdy arms are open wide to receive coats, hats and umbrellas.


CompositionAmerican Oak/Metal Steel

CareClean regularly with a damp, clean soft cloth and warm soapy water - dry immediately. If there are any liquid spills wipe dry quickly to avoid permanent mark. General care: we do not recommend placing your furniture in direct sunlight or near sources of heat. This is due to the natural characteristics of wood as it expands and contracts with changes in humidity. Placing your furniture in these environments may cause the timber to dry out, shrink and crack. Avoid leaving water sitting on wood as this can cause permanent marks - wipe immediately with a dry cloth. Do not place hot or sharp objects on the surface of the wood as this can damage the surface of the wood. Avoid contact with harsh solvents such as nail polish remover / alcohol.

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